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3.  Musical Theater
a.   Leroy Anderson conducting ref 1

  • Goldilocks
  • Lazy Moon instrumental (4:15) 1962
  • Pirate Dance instrumental
  • Pussy Foot Ballet Music, The instrumental
  • I Never Know When to Say When instrumental
  • Lady in Waiting Ballet instrumental (4:15) 1962
  • Pyramid Dance (Heart of Stone) instrumental
  • Shall I Take My Heart and Go ? instrumental
  • Town House Maxixe instrumental

3.  Music for Goldilocks but not used
b.   Leroy Anderson at the piano ref 1

  • Goldilocks
  • Come To Me vocal (3:02) 1958
  • Cool Off - (2:27) 1958
  • George and Lois instrumental (1:37) 1958
  • Guess Who vocal (0:00) 1958
  • Hello vocal (0:00) 1958
  • He'll Never Stray vocal (0:00) 1958
  • If I Take It With Me vocal (0:00) 1958
  • I Shouldn't Be Out With This Heart vocal (0:00) 1958
  • Little Girls vocal (0:00) 1958
  • London vocal (0:00) 1958
  • My Last Spring vocal (0:00) 1958
  • Rhythm Tune vocal (0:00) 1958

3.  Music for Gone With The Wind but not used
c.   Leroy Anderson at the piano ref 1

  • Gone With The Wind
  • Fiddle Dee Dee - (0:00) 1958
  • I'm Too Young To Be A Widow vocal (0:00) 1958
  • This Lovely World vocal (0:00) 1958

3.  Musical Theater
d.   Lehman Engel conducting ref 2

  • Goldilocks (musical) Music is listed in the order of presentation in the musical.

  • Overture
  • Lazy Moon (vocal)
  • Give the Little Lady (2:13) vocal
  • Save a Kiss (vocal)
  • No One Will Ever Love You (vocal)
  • Who's Been Sitting in My Chair ? (vocal)
  • There Never Was a Woman (vocal)
  • Pussy Foot, The (vocal)
  • Lady in Waiting (vocal)
  • Beast in You, The (vocal)
  • Shall I Take My Heart and Go? (vocal)
  • I Can't Be In Love (vocal)
  • Bad Companions vocal (2:47)
  • I Never Know When to Say When (vocal)
  • Two Years in the Making (vocal)
  • Heart of Stone (vocal)

3.   Musical Theater
e.   Leonard Slatkin conducting

  • Goldilocks (musical)

  • Lady in Waiting Waltz (instrumental)


The Music
  1. Musical theater songs from Goldilocks: Music by Leroy Anderson; Orchestrations by Leroy Anderson and Philip J. Lang; Lyrics by Joan Ford, Jean Kerr, Walter Kerr.

The Recording    
  1. Recorded at Manhattan Center, West 34th Street, New York, New York, June 19 and June 20, 1962
  2. Recorded at CBS Recording Studio, West 30th Street, New York, New York, October 19, 1958

  1. Music from Goldilocks: © Woodbury Music Company LLC and Sony Music Publishing on behalf of Ankerford Music Corp.

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